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Spring Sprout: Prepare for a healthy season with the beach season!

Spring Sprout: Prepare for a healthy season with the beach season! After a winter rush, not only does our home have a thorough spring cleaning, but also our body. In the first step, let's look at how you can smell as many vitamins as possible among the garnishes!

In the colder, autumn-winter periods, we tend to pamper ourselves with more luscious or fattening food than necessary. Reducing the number of days of the day and getting the weather cooler does not only limit the amount of time spent outdoors, but can also hinder the feeling of going to the gym.

So it's no wonder if we get some extra pounds in the winter, especially if we can't get through the big Christmas tract moderately. In addition, one of the great failures of Hungarian cuisine - and at the same time delicious - is that, besides the heavy meat dishes found during the festive banquets, so much saturation and calorie-rich garnishes are served. Mainly from potatoes.

Potatoes in all quantities? No!


Potatoes with potatoes, mashed potatoes, parsley potatoes, french fries, princess potatoes, oven potatoes. They are all very delicious, but their calorie content is extremely high. Smooth, unflavoured, raw potatoes have a calorie content of 77 kcal per 100 grams, so if you add more ingredients to these garnishes, you get a pretty unhealthy end result.


Potatoes and the oil or margarine used may be a good substitute for making sweet potatoes instead of using coconut fat. Of course, this flavor is not acceptable to everyone. A sweet potato puree, for example, will not have the taste or texture of a traditional companion, but it will certainly be healthier: the roasted sweet potato contains only 76 calories. In addition, the fiber content is extremely high, which gives a long feeling of satiety. Rich in vitamins C and E, plus manganese. Even the glycemic index is low, long-lasting and stabilizes blood glucose.

Take advantage of vegan invasion! More vegetables in your garnish!


With the advent of March, it is no longer an exaggeration to say that the spring is here, and that is just one thing: there are more and more seasonal vegetables available to replace the meat-eating circles with cold or hot salads. The use of rucola, raw spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce and various cabbages in salads, which, in addition to tomatoes, cucumbers, raw zucchini and avocados, can also be a good thing to do.



But if you want some hot garnish with the meats, there are some great companions! For example, spare ribs roasted in ’’Matra’’ discus with grilled vegetables and delicious spicy chicken breast with shredded vegetables may not only be a delicious but nutritious and healthy choice as well as grilled turkey with grilled vegetables.


However, there is no problem if you do not want to turn to the grilled or roasted vegetables in the first round, because you can mix the garnish with the measure. A fried chicken thigh, steamed vegetables rice and green pea, also provides you with a vitamin-rich meal.


Instead of staggered retreats, choose the principle of graduality. Reduce the amount and feed on a variety of vegetables, smelling the vegetables. This can be done mainly by filling the garnish, for example, with the side dish and meat combo with steamed vegetables, you can turn the main meals into a vitamin-rich. Of course, a few potatoes may slip from time to time, but if you consume this, take care of the quantity!

Tip: Of course, moving is not a negligible factor if you want to shape yourself in the summer season.

Order a Hungarian Cuisine menu for several weeks in advance (12th week, 13th week, 14th week), choose lighter meals, and do a little bit of cooking time.