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Order way

With our Menu Vizard in four minutes you can order your menu even for one year. All the food is personal, varied and spiced with Hungarian flavours and we will deliver it to you weekly.

Choose your favourite foods from the menu and choose which ones you never want to eat.

At the moment from 120 different foods you can select you favourite and non favourite menu. 12 favourite and maximum 24 non favourite food you can select, even itemized, or by food category. We recommend the last one, because it's simple to use on smart phones. The Making your menu straight away you can check what we made for you for four weeks sample menu, we guarantee the variant and delicious menus delivery week after week.

For the excellent service in the first two weeks please choose from our fix menus.

In Hungary, we making all the foods in Esztergom and every week we deliver fresh foods to London. your registration and your order within 3 days you can get your first week menu, if you select for two weeks from our fix menus . When you received your delivery and you can't provide the cooling (within 30 mins) for your menus, you can order here cooler bag, with two freezer packs.

Register easily and quickly. Pay safe weekly in the PayPal system.

When you give your personal and account details you can save your registration, and later on My account, Change details in menu you can modify. Your order it is complete, if you order our service, and you paid already for your fist week menu by PayPal. Payment options more read here. In London the delivery is free, Free delivery about the options you can read here.

From the third week you can enjoy the Hungarian foods, which our Menu Vizard prepares for you week after week. Enjoy your meal!

In the mean time every Friday we will deduct your weekly menu price. There is no weekly ordering this is fantastic, because the Menu Wizard chooses the variate foods every week, the with your personal menu, your favourite and non favourite foods. It couldn't be more easy. :-)