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23/03/2019 07:21:43 PM
It tells the food: on the table the Jókai bean soup


Have you ever wondered why Jókai is Jókai's bean soup? Get ready, we'll tell you now.

23/03/2019 06:23:01 PM
An undeservedly neglected food: the mushroom


There is a good question: a good meat substitute and a source of protein, and even rich in vitamins, what is it? Of course the mushroom!

19/03/2019 07:31:57 PM
Don't talk about greens! I'd rather season!


Equipped with green herbs, even the most boring food becomes a heavenly dish. If you don't believe, go after it…

19/03/2019 07:26:28 PM
Small pile but delicious! Or why do we love so much stacked food?


Nourishing and delicious one-course dishes, traditional Hungarian cuisine. Can a good layered potato come?

15/03/2019 08:52:49 AM
Events of the 1848/49 War of Independence and Revolution

- February 23, 1848

The revolution broke out in Paris. On the Bratislava diet, the opposition saw the time to act.

11/03/2019 08:21:07 AM
Following the Hungarian Sunday lunch Live every accelerated life, think of a real Hungarian Sunday lunch in your mouth!
11/03/2019 08:17:07 AM
Spring Sprout: Prepare for a healthy season with the beach season! After a winter rush, not only does our home have a thorough spring cleaning, but also our body. In the first step, let's look at how you can smell as many vitamins as possible among the garnishes!
02/03/2019 01:35:42 PM
Garlic, the superfood


"Only the garlic presses the scent of the onion."


It has been known for about 5,000 years that garlic has a very beneficial effect on your whole body, so you should get to know it better.

02/03/2019 12:49:03 PM
Help, my child's picky. Will he/she starve to death?

You may be abandoning now, but there are some kids who only live on pastries or roast potatoes. Whatever they ask, they are not willing to accept any other food. The problem is, but how can they get rid of the picky?

02/03/2019 12:42:44 PM
The key to healthy eating


"Man's physics depends on what he consumes because fuel determines the engine's performance." László Tahi-Tóth

Knowledge of healthy eating is not born; Now we've summarized the most important basics of eating reform.