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Sour creamy gizzard stew with homemade noodles 500g

The gizzard of a young chicken, steamed soft in a hungarian gravy, sour cream and homemeade noodles.
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7 dishes + 1 gift dessert = Now £45


Product information: csirke zúza, búzaliszt, tojás, tejföl, vöröshagyma, napraforgó étolaj, gyors fagyasztott lecsó, étkezési só, fűszerpaprika, fokhagyma, köménymag, bors, védőgázzal csomagolva.

The food storage box is suitable for heating in the oven 90C - degrees for 10 minutes after piercing the foil , or 1000 W microwave oven for 3-4 minutes . Immediately after heating can be consumed directly from the box as well.

Allergy information: glutén, tojás, tej. Nyomokban földimogyorót és dióféléket tartalmazhat.


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When you receive your menu straight away you have to put in to the refrigerator (0-+4 degree), till the eating time! The foods-if the cooling temperature perfect-you can eat till the use by date time. Before you eat you have to heat the food properly, see the heating instructions on the package!

The food storage box is suitable for oven (90 degrees for 10 min.) and for microwaves (1000w for 3-4 min.) or normal heating in the right dish. After heating you can start eating it straight away from the original box.

Some foods may containe with nuts or shell, the fish dishes may containe fish bones! If the food storage box is broken, damaged or expired do not eat !


Average nutririon content

100g Product

1 Portion


732.16 KJ/174.8 kcal

3660.8 KJ/874 kcal


8.68 g

43.4 g


19.88 g

99.4 g

Of which sugars:

0 g

0 g


6.3 g

31.5 g

Of which saturated fatty acids:

0.037 g 0.185 g


0.116 g

0.58 g


0.8 g 4 g

All meals are made from quality ingredients without preservatives, meeting HACCP regulations, and do not contain artificial flavourings or colour.Thanks to the latest kitchen technology the meals don’t lose from their original flavour, aroma, taste, colour, and their appearance remains the same until the time of consuming.

The meal tray is suitable for microwave use and also can function as a plate.


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